Tristan’s journey through the entertainment industry began in the 1960s in his native Australia. Australian TV was in its infancy when Tristan came onto the scene, working as a walk-on stuntman and doubling as a boom carrier. Ambitious, and eager to learn, Tristan also did sound effects in the parking lot at night and volunteered for any other work which would keep him on the lot and in peoples eyesight. It wasn’t long before he landed a series regular role in “The Link Men”.When the struggling production folded after about 10 episodes, Tristan headed for England.

The year was 1969 and Tristan thought he’d try being a drummer in a rock band on for size.. After three years of “intense experiences” in London, and witnessing live some of the greatest music ever to hit planet Earth, Tristan decided to give up the musician’s life. What he had learned after years of successful modeling to help make the band’s ends meet, was that he REALLY DID want to act.