From GH Memories to a Y&R Future…

Tristan is absolutely a great storyteller, not only in his craft of acting, but in how he tells the stories that his fans enjoy so much. From his days at General Hospital to his current home on The Young and the Restless, Tristan certainly holds your attention as he leads you down memory lane, and then up the road with new tales. Have you wondered about Tristan’s days at GH? Have you been wanting to ask about how Colin really feels about Jill? Are you curious about what Tristan thinks of working with Jess Walton and Daniel Goddard?

Part of the recent excitement on The Young and the Restless is that Tristan’s former General Hospital castmate, Genie Francis, will be coming on the scene beginning May 27th and playing Colin’s ex-wife, Genevieve. With the storyline of Colin/Cane/Caleb starting to heat up again, fans are eager to hear what is going to happen, and what goes on behind the scenes.

Tristan graciously sat down on a beautiful but windy day, to share some thoughts on how the role of Colin came to be and how he is enjoying his stay in Genoa City. He also shares some memories about Genie Francis and their time together on General Hospital. His recounting of the “infamous boat trip” gives a behind the scenes look at The Ice Princes storyline, where so many fans came to know and love Robert, Luke and Laura. In these videos, Tristan remembers Genie from 1981and also talks about her as a new addition to the Atkinson family. He even answers some of the questions you’ve had about Jill and Colin. From the old to the new, watch and enjoy!